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Upgrading the Speakers

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Upgrading the Speakers Empty Upgrading the Speakers

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:05 am

Well furthering my door card thread Im just going to write a brief update on my speakers!

I bought some Vibe door speakers and tweeters and for the front of the car. I will upload some piccies when I am at home.
I routed the cables for the front door speakers to the rear of the car, when I realised that the tweeters are not going to be able to be palced anywhere in the front without cutting out some of the door. These I have planned will go into the rear door cards with the rear speakers, and this is also where the crossover unit is too, as there is a lot of room in there for them.
For this reason I am not going to fit the two subwoofers as I had originally planned, and am instead just going to get two very large full range speakers to plug into the back. But I still need to find some nice ones ... I quite like Vibe because I like their sound and so far, have not had any problems with the brand.

I removed all the rear interior to feed the amplifier cables through the car and into the boot. I sold my last audio setup as I didnt think I would need it when I had my XJ40. I didnt realise I would get my XJS so quickly! So I have had to steal my boyfriends as he isnt using it any more, and this along with his sub is now in the boot. (He said I couldnt have the amp without the sub because he wanted them to stay together!) but although I moan, when we linked everything up to the amp in the boot it soundes really nice, and best of all, because it isnt a hatch back, the sound stays in the boot and the vibrations are sent through the car, which is essence is how a proper sub system works (I know in the expensive range these days of Jaguar and Mercedes etc, the subwoofers are set up under seats to send vibrations through and not sound).

I have also replaced the radio too, and now have my Aldi special, complete with every audio facility (cards, usb's, aux, cd etc) AND bluetooth to both play music AND take calls!! However my smug face was wiped when I realised it was a good inch longer than the Jaguar one and it doesnt go right it! *sulks* so its either a new stereo on the cards (boo! I liked all those features!) Or make some sort of spacer!! Sad

Well, moaning over, I think thats it, although when removing the stereo I did get a problem with my trip computer screen, so I will put that up in one of the other sections! (So please take a look!!) Very Happy



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